Lofts, floors, roofs, walls - your whole construction project will benefit when you specify WARMCEL as your eco friendly insulation.

Offering unbeatable U-values, WARMCEL is manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper, sequestering carbon which would otherwise be released as methane at landfill.

This 'Better than Zero Carbon' status makes it ideal for those targeting Code for Sustainable Homes, and combined with its low material cost, ease of installation and other benefits (fire resistance, acoustic insulation, complete void fill (full fill insulation) etc) creates the best value, best choice, green loft and fibre insulation on the market.

Any timber framed building can benefit from WARMCEL insulation  in terms of thermal performance, airtightness and tangible environmental advantages.
In practice, WARMCEL can be easily installed into any timber framed structure, in the walls, floors, loft and roof. Its flexible application methods make it the perfect fit for any new build or refurbishment project, regardless of building use or wall specification, and Excel customers can benefit from our network of approved BBA-inspected installers.

Cellulose Insulation is a non hazadorous more effective insulation. Achieving U-Value's down as far as 0.24 W/m2K in external studs, it is both thermally efficient and at it's installed density gives very effective sound proofing.

Installation of the material is when all first fix has taken place by means of damp spray method, the excess is then removed leaving a perfect finish with no gaps, eliminating thermal bridges or cold spots in the wall.

Cellulose is also used to insulate the attic space. This is installed in the last stages of construction and can achieve U-Value's down as far as 0.10 W/m2K.

Benefits of Installing WARMCEL

Timber Frame Wall, Floor & Roof Insulation

  • BBA-inspected installer network
  • Installed prior to or during construction
  • High thermal fibre insulation and complete void fill; meet or exceed Code for Sustainable Homes/Part L
  • Superior airtightness
  • Spray or injection fill, zero product waste
  • Actually reduces carbon footprint, -1.9 GWP
  • Zero OPD, CFC and VOC
  • Warmcel will not encourage the growth of Fungi, Mould or bacteria and will not sustain insects and vermin
  • Low material cost

Loft Refurbishment/Top-up Insulation

  • BBA-inspected installer network
  • Open blow method ensures total loft coverage
  • Complete fill between and over joists leaving no air gaps through which warm air can escape
  • Actually reduces carbon footprint
  • 0.87 GWP
  • Zero OPD, CFC and VOC
  • Fire resistant
  • Warmcel will not encourage the growth of Fungi, Mould or bacteria and will not sustain insects and vermin
  • Low material cost