We can offer a range of insulations designed to meet all of the current 'U' Value guidelines and regulations. These fall into three main categories:-

Quilt / Rigid Insulation

These can be used in metal stud partitions, above MF or grid ceilings or between joists, purlines and rafters in domestic houses. The thickness of each type of insulation is designed to meet particular design requirements.

Termex Pumped Cellulose Insulation

We are agents and installers for Termex cellulose blown fibre insulation. Termex insulation materials are manufactured from clean newspaper where vegetable-oil-based natural pigments have been used for ink. Non-volatile boric minerals are used to protect the insulation against fire and vermin. The manufacturing process is energy efficient. A demonstration of this product is available to you at any time.

Termex insulation can be used in attics and in timber frame external walls.

We will be pleased to advise with regard to the suitability and applicability of the differing insulation types.