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Product Range at O'Connell Drylining, Ceilings & Partitions

Wall Linings

Blockwork walls can be lined with either a metal top hat section or Gypliner system to enable plasterboard to be fixed directly to them. As an alternative to traditional plastering, this system allows for a much quicker installation time as it is a completely dry system.


All of the above can be finished using taping and jointing which achieves a totally dry construction system, eliminating the equivalent plaster drying time and the potential of subsequent cracking in the

surface finish.

Metal Stud Partitions

Metal stud partitions are non-loadbearing internal partitions suitable for all types of housing, commercial and retail developments. These can be constructed to a height of 7.90m and are single or doubled boarded each side with a plasterboard type to suit any individual requirement. These can be installed to suit particular arrangements and can include faceted or curved layouts. In addition these can be combined with a range of insulations to enhance their acoustic and thermal qualities.

MF Ceilings

An MF ceiling is where plasterboard is fixed to a concealed metal grid which is in turn then fixed to a structural soffit above. This therefore creates a void (of a depth to suit the structure) above the ceiling which can be used for services etc. The plasterboard can then be finished using the taping and jointing system if required. The type of plasterboard used can be designed to enhance particular fire, acoustic and thermal requirements.

Plasterboard Works

We supply and fit the complete range of Gypsum Industries specialist plasterboards including the following:-

  • Plain plasterboard
  • Foilbacked plasterboard (backed with a vapour control membrane)
  • Fireline plasterboard (to give enhanced fire protection)
  • Moisture Resistant plasterboard (suitable for wet use areas)
  • Duraline plasterboard (to give a greater impact resistance)
  • SoundBloc plasterboard (to give greater levels of sound insulation)

MF Bulkheads

The same MF system can be used to create feature bulkheads in ceilings. These can be constructed purely in an aesthetic context to create dropped levels in ceilings, to create curved features or other specific design concepts such as coffers. Alternatively these can be built around and hide services such as air conditioning units and light fittings.

Grid Ceilings



Grid ceilings consist of tiles hung within a metal grid system. There are many different tile types and styles available to suit each development and advice can be given in

respect of these.

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